Story of Kurudava

Clouds are getting dark. Darkness surrounded her eyes. However, she tried to take a nap after a long hectic day. Tears are falling off continuously. She couldn’t lay properly without brooding. Somehow, she got into heavy dozing after a while and was disturbed by a shrieking voice   for some days in her dreams. It all started when  she saw  a boy who went missing in her town and the weeping of the boy touched her heart in her dreams. That Boy is pleading for help and checking out for his mother. No one paid attention to the poor boy’s shouting. Later she realized that the boy … Continue reading Story of Kurudava

Stalkers Ahead

Those eyes are staring at meWith a gun in handsEndeavours to disappearShunned away as much as I couldListening to those footstepsEavesdropping those random talksStaying quiet for hours in the garageShivering from tip to toePerplexed was meTrying to cover up my face The clock ticking twelveHeard them counting numbersAt the same time, without thinkingWe  planned to elopeAmbled fastly as much as possibleAfter long hours of wanderingreached a lonely road . Continue reading Stalkers Ahead