Pick your wild card

Eventually, Those storms will wash away . Dark clouds will evade from your life, and clear sky will appear. ‘

Something’s are meant to be just the way they are ‘ .Thunderstorms and shudders will once reveal you the truth. Truth is here, and no one will get hold of that easily. It’s always meant to be hidden. Grateful, for what I’ve done in my life. Those diamonds and pearls are precious, and can’t be shared with anyone. Truth lies beneath your eyes. That day when you obscure them, you could forge out, unsolved puzzles getting solved. This day is yours . This time is valid, and the moment you step up, begins your life. This life is all about jazz and buzz. So, pick your wild card and run away….


Not so Fairytale

Fairytale, Even I believed in them for once . I too had wished for a happy life. After, meeting life as it is. I realized the reality of the world around me. Things won’t happen like we predicted, and had turned out badly for me . Nowadays,I often try to forget the glimpse of days when I smiled without masks. Meanwhile, In India , lockdown has again been catapulted . Is it just the beginning of something more disastrous than before.

Let’s unleash the fire in you and learn new things in this summer. Develop new skills and cherish your journey. Even though,I love to go somewhere far away, to forget the anguish this pandemic has made upon me . It seems things like travelling are only meant for those fearless people now. We can’t predict what will happen next . Let’s wait and see.


Dear May,

All those good days are gone.Things are different now. Fading hopes and Fallen expectations, making me insane.At some point of my life,reality hits me badly.The struggles I have been to, bestows me strength to move forward now. Its time to erase those worries,and walk away with good may vibes.

May is my favorite month,as my dreams got wings this month. Recently, I got to know more about my soul desires. Writing has become my favorite thing to do  now, and  persuades me to improve myself. It brought me  many   new
Challenges this time. I hope that I could overcome them, and fight those battles without any troubles. I wish to fly high to the infinity.

Gazing into the blue skies

Gazing into the blue skies

Desparetely in bewilderment

Switching from one thought

To another without any break

Future  is getting near

Frightened and fretting

At the same time.

I have nothing to do now

Leaving everything behind.

Gambling  into my world.

Euphoria is All I need

Longing them for a long time .


Fire on the mountains

Fire on the mountain by Anita Desai takes me to those mountains in kasauli, while reading them. This one bestows me strength to go for an adventure. My favourite character is Raka from this novel.Her brave and adventurous skills provoked me to adore her . She was exhausted with the noises of city and her mind desires a calm and peaceful life . Serenity of mountains soothned her soul to awake her spirits .Raka’s cure for illness was the stay in Kasauli and the aura healed her sicknesses.

Raka’s used to go for a walk to those mountains to enjoy the beauty of nature . She loved to know the secrets laying behind the fire on the mountains. Raka’s soul was the happiest during her stay in Kasauli. For her, mountains was her path to esctasy and euphoria. Her soul could replenish her life’s purpose .That was a turning point in her life ,stay in kasauli . She had become a new person and begins to feel the aura of kasauli . Raka, like her greatgrand mother cherish the beauty of mountains. Raka’s wild nature belonged to the mountains .

I couldn’t endure the tragic death of nada Kaul’s friend. This novel has bit of feminism and , while pondering over, we could analyze that Nanda Kaul’s friend is exhibiting feminism throughout the story. This novel could relieve me from my anguish and provided me the spirit to fight against my fears. Read this beautiful novel to know what happens to Nanda Kaul’s friend .

Life begins with Chaos

Everything around you is changing.  The world around you and me has evolved a major transformation.  Those repercussions will make you stronger more than you think . 

Sometimes , those loneliness are bitterly harder to pass through . Perplexed and fretting over and over .  After digging up those buried memories.  I can’t cope with this Headache anymore.  Things are getting worse day by day . I am left with those storms and shudders . Bestowing me tears every time.  Those thoughts are frightening me with many whispers. Some days are good and the others are hard to survive though . Pandemic  made things worse than ever before. Healing and Hurting at the same time . A human with a kind soul  can’t live in this society and those chaos  and  conflict made me who I am now.  Dealing with those troubles and Enduring those sins alone . I wish to become a  fighter ,who wants to break those obstacles and  urges to have the freedom I always wished to have . Time decides , Destiny rules the world .


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