Into the wilds

Spill those words without any delay. Even if , the weather isn’t good recently. It’s about time to mumble it. Don’t fumble any more, everything lies deep down in your heart.

August is around the corner. I don’t know what’s waiting for me. Let’s wish for some fun time and popcorns. Let go of these boredom and shower me with the key to my trips. There’s is still restrictions , hopes it”ll be removed soon !!! . Despite of all these, I am gonna walk into the wilds .


Room of one’s own

A beautiful book by Virginia Woolf.Any one who get hold of this book will get addicted. This book shares a deep bond with me, and had made me a winner.On purchasing this book from Amazon, I didn’t know that this one will have the power to do miracles to my life. This one did shed light to my world . I guess, There is some magic in this book. Everytime, I opened this, it alludes me to read over again !. A magical book indeed!!!

Room of one’s own, as I told before, has the power to change one’s thoughts. There is some magical spell it, which bestows us the fearless spirit. It talks about the Women’s life in past and present. The troubles, women had endured for writing a poetry.Women writers had to hide their writings from everyone. Most of them had written their novels from their sitting room only. Since, they doesn’t have a room of their own and money. Women’s life from different perspective has been portrayed throughout this novel. I felt very sad after reading this. Their predicaments was very bad, still they wrote. Even though, they get distracted by their family members, they didn’t gave up their writings. Mean while, Woolf was referring to Shakespeare’s sister in this novel. Shakespeare’s sister like him had the talents like him to write. Even if, she wasn’t educated. But, no one recognised her. She even escaped her marriage rituals and fled to London. She wished to become a writer like her brother. In the hope of chasing her dreams, she took the different ropeway. Read this intriguing novel to know what happens to Shakespeare’s sister later in her life. Will she be able to become a writer. Grab this beautiful book and turn over!!!

New patterns 🤍

New patterns are showing in the sky. It represents the time for change of heart. New life is ahead of you.

There after, keep looking for what your heart wants. Look up to the sky and understand what those pattern are secretly telling you. Sometimes, it can show the u turn in your life. It keeps coming together to form big white clouds. In which, these clouds shows your biggest triumph. It can even alludes us that we are very close to the glory . Hence, believe it & move forward …..